Philanthropic Roles

There are a number of opportunities for charitable acts to be advanced.

Lodges and individual members may make application to the Grand Lodge Board of Benevolence for assistance to brethren, community members and the community as a whole.  Recent instances of community assistance has been the catastrophic fires at Dunalley, the provision of Automated External Defibrillators for use in the community, the provision of battery operated wheelchairs etc.

These are generally funded through the Tasmanian Masonic Benevolent Foundation.

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Freemasonry Tasmania also have the Masonic Centenary Medical Research Foundation which has funded over $1M to research into the neurological disorders of the aged through the Menzies Centre.  The Dryden Trust which funds education scholarships to family members of Masons or Deceased Masons in Tasmania.  There is also FREEMATES (Freemasonry Assisting Tertiary Education Students) which was as the acronym implies, was set up to assist tertiary students with education expenses in conjunction with the University of Tasmania.

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A number of Lodges also work autonomously to raise funds for their own community projects.

For further information, please make contact the Grand Lodge of Tasmania at

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