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One question that is often asked is “what is the difference between Masonic Lodge and Grand Lodge”? Please allow us to explain.

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Masonic Lodges are found in most major cities and towns in Tasmania and meet on a regular day- whether monthly or bi-monthly. A Masonic Lodge is made up of members who come from all walks of life and the Lodge plays an important part in the social fabric of the community. This may include assistance raising funds for a specific cause e.g. Purchase a defribulator for the local fire brigade.
A Lodge is chaired by a Worshipful Master who holds the position for 12 months. There are also other members who hold other positions for a similar 12 month period. This occurs on a set date known as “Installation” which is usually carried out by the Grand Lodge ceremonial team.
The Worshipful Master and the senior officers of the Lodge are expected to attend Grand Lodge Communications and report back to their Lodge on outcomes and how this may impact on the Lodge.

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